Security System Services

Security System Services


Installing CCTV in your property will be an efficient way protecting your valuables. Choosing ADS to secure your valuables will be in intelligent move and ADS will be proud to be Safeguard around the clock. Our expertise will help you to choose the appropriate package that will suit the requirements and they will plan, install, configure and manage the security system in order to receive a high definition of coverage area.

We use best quality CCTV cameras which know the day and night thus automatically switch between day and night modes. Having CCTV fixed on your property is being third and watchful eye which acts as a visual deterrent to potential intruders and recording a clear view of covered area and makes sure nothing goes unseen. It will allow you to have a record up to 30 days of footage and always on.

We install only the best CCTV systems from leading suppliers.

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Burglar alarms

Alarm systems are designed to keep your home secure and protected from the threat of burglary.

We provide the option of choosing a wired or wireless system, depending on your preference, budget and individual requirements.

The Mobile app allows you to take full control of your security, to activate or deactivate the intruder alarm from anywhere in the world and to monitor whoever is entering or exiting.

Our wired or wireless alarm systems are at the heart of your home security. With the latest technology and 24/7 monitoring, they help reduce the chance of becoming a victim of crime.

Commercial intruder alarms
Intruder alarms for commercial premises will often be a requirement of the insurance. The systems can range from a grade 1 bells only system to a grade 3 dual monitored system with police response.

Monitored alarm system is a requirement for your  insurance policy. Most commercial premises require this kind of alarm system. If you have particularly valuable items in your house, such as technology equipment, expensive jewellery or you run a business from home with computer storage or specialised equipment, we recommend a monitored intruder alarm system.

We only use major brands

Pyronix Alarm | Texecom Alarm | Visonic Alarm | Honeywell Alarm


Welcome to the beautiful world of the smart home automation system.


Home automation can enable you to control your heat, lighting, sound system, thermostat, and alarms, all from your Wi-Fi router. There’s even the ability to control these smart devices remotely, allowing you to get the heating on before you get home for instance. Control can come from your smart phone or a central device.

Home automation brings together all the different systems and technologies, from your TV to your security, into one control system giving you control via a single platform which includes iPads, iPhones and tablets.

However complicated your vision we make it all come together in a way that is completely easy-to-use and simple for you.


With experience spanning over two decades, AD Security Solutions is one of the UK’s most established providers of door entry systems. We supply, install and provide support for the best door entry security systems and equipment in the market to satisfy any bespoke security requirements.


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We can design and implement tailored network topologies according to your business from the start or we can change your network design to function effectively and efficiently. We can provide a secured WIFI network to all of your employees and guests to connect and work more conveniently anywhere in your business environment.


Installing access control systems will ensure your buildings are secure and that only the right people can get in.

Key-based systems will deliver this, but you have all the hassle of getting the right keys to the right people. And then someone loses a key!

Door access control systems give you all the control you want without any of the hassles of a lost key:

  • You issue a code, card or fob to every member of staff.
  • Each can be uniquely programmed to provide access only to where you allow them to go.
  • Access can be limited to selected times and days.
  • Reports can be created showing times when users enter.
  • If lost, you simply block that card, fob or code and issue another.

Your building’s security is maintained. Your staff can get on with what you want them to do. The security/insurance risk is removed, as is the cost and time of replacing locks and issuing new keys to everyone.

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